Cleaner Fuels

Kern Energy has long been an innovative producer of clean-burning fuels that meet California’s stringent emissions standards and embrace the state’s environmental values. Our small-but-mighty team of 185 is proud to produce what we call “California Clean” fuels that meet the transportation needs of the Central Valley and the state.

Our refinery produces a daily average of 420,000 gallons of clean-burning CARB Reformulated Gasoline and an identical amount of CARB Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel. We blend 10% ethanol with finished gasoline, and up to 5% each of biodiesel and renewable diesel in our finished diesel fuel. Kern Energy is also proud to produce a 20% biodiesel blend or B20 to meet the growing demand of our agricultural and trucking customers for even more renewable fuel.

Kern Energy takes a pragmatic approach to producing the clean energy California needs now and in the future. Our team is focused on driving down the carbon intensity of our gasoline and diesel, reducing the environmental footprint of our facility, and innovating toward next-generation renewable fuels.