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Kern Oil & Refining Co. Announces Rebrand to “Kern Energy”

Central Valley energy company unveils new name reflecting its culture, rich history, and future 

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Oct. 5, 2022 – Kern Oil & Refining Co. is proud to announce the company’s new name: Kern Energy. The family-owned energy company has operated continuously in the Valley since 1934 producing clean gasoline and renewable diesel. 

“We are proud of our “Small but Mighty” company that punches above its weight to innovate thanks to an incredible team united by shared values and commitment,” said Jennifer Haley, President & CEO of Kern Energy. “Our company has evolved to meet the needs of our state while continuing to reliably provide our region’s transportation fuels, and now is the time for a brand that better reflects who we are, what we do, and where we are going. ‘Kern Energy’ embodies just that,” Haley continued.

Kern Energy is a brand that captures our vision for the future and embraces our leadership in the drive toward cleaner and next generation renewable fuels while continuing to serve as a reliable energy supplier for our community and state. 

A powerhouse for innovation, Kern Energy was the second refinery in the U.S. to produce renewable diesel by co-processing bio-feed, and the first small refiner in California to blend biodiesel. The company remains committed to collaborating with the Bakersfield community, stakeholders, and legislative partners to lift up its community and advance California’s climate goals.


Kern Energy is an independent, family-owned and operated company powered by a team of 185 employees. As the only refiner between San Francisco and Los Angeles producing clean gasoline and renewable diesel, Kern Energy is a critical supplier of California’s southern San Joaquin Valley. 

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