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Kern Oil & Refining Co. Holds Inaugural Mini Golf Competition

Kern Oil & Refining Co. tapped into everyone’s love for mini golf with a special event this summer. Each department designed and developed a hole within the course to the theme of their choosing, creating an intricate course throughout the hallways and offices of the administration building.

Department teams were given a few weeks to come up with a unique creative concept, design and acquire the necessary materials. The day of the event, the administration building was transformed as teams were given a couple hours to assemble and decorate their areas throughout offices and hallways before spending the afternoon playing the 8-hole indoor course and enjoying a potluck.

“The inaugural mini golf competition was a celebration the Kern team’s creativity and camaraderie,” said Steve Mortesen, Operations Manager. “It was a great opportunity to step away from the grind of the refinery floor and enjoy each other’s company.”

Each department was awarded a plaque for a unique category. Just to name a few:

  • Accounting won ‘Spectacular Showmanship’ for their circus-themed hole
  • IT/IA won ‘Best in Show’ with their hockey rink-themed hole
  • Safety/HR won for ‘Most Challenging’ hole with theirs modeled after the Master’s Tournament 

The overall course winners – for both high and low score – were formidable opponents and will be tough to beat.  We can’t wait for next year’s competition!

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