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Kern Oil & Refining Co. Recognizes Local Scholarship Recipients

Kern Oil & Refining Co. proudly partnered with the Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce in funding their annual scholarship donation drive in support of Arvin High School seniors as they embark on their journey for higher education. This opportunity allowed us to express our appreciation for the privilege to be a part of the Arvin/Lamont community. These scholarships help local students overcome the financial and cultural barriers faced by members of rural, immigrant communities.  

With Kern’s emphasis on excellence and family, supporting the educational goals of these students was an easy decision and an honor we hold close to our hearts. These youth deserve the opportunity to be educated, housed, employed and able to contribute to their families and communities in a meaningful way. Kern encourages these students to do just that – pursue their goals, persevere despite the barriers they may encounter, and use their gifts to create a prosperous future for themselves and those around them.  

The students were recognized at an awards banquet held June 4, 2021, where Dave McCoy, Hiram Cueto, and Justin Helgeson had the pleasure of personally congratulating each recipient and congratulating them on their achievements. Students awarded the scholarships each received $500 to help pay for expenses associated with college or furthering their technical education. Congratulations to the 2021 graduating class of Arvin High School. We wish them great success!


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